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New NMAA Physical Eligibility Form

The NMAA and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee have decided to make changes to the physical form we use in the state of NM. Attached you will see the new form. The major difference is that due to an ongoing Florida dispute over who should have access to student-athlete-protected medical information, the schools are no longer allowed to collect medical history and preparticipation physical exams. Instead, they have created a "Medical Eligibility Form" that the doctor will sign to prove to the schools that all medical requirements have been fulfilled by the student-athlete (this will require a change for us in our Rank One Forms).


NM will adopt this new form for the upcoming school year. You will see the new "Medical Eligibility Form" on page 6 of the attachment above. 


This new form is available for download on the NMAA website under the "NMAA Forms" tab or directly at this link:


Students can start getting their physical for next year, but they must use the new form approved by NMAA. Thanks!